About us

Short history

My love for animals came into existance in my early youth, when I grew up on our old farm house.  Always surrounded with all kinds of animals, my father gave me all opportunities to get even more animals. Very early I got my own dog, without a pedigree, but very bright and enterprising.  He hunted like the best hunting dog, and always took what he found to his handler. I was sold forever to hunting dogs…

After I moved into my parents house with my husband, I got my first pedigree dog.  This was a Labrador Retriever. I focused on getting to know more about these dogs, they fitted very well in our young family. It are extremely bright dogs that like to work for their handlers, but they also just like to be with their family.

My aim is to breed Labradors that approach the breed standard as closely as possible, not only their appearance, but also health, character and the “will to please”.

collage 4 generaties chocolate


King Fields Uchi Maggy
Bon-Bon Praline v. Budilium Hof
Field Rose v. Budilium Hof
Chocolate Choice v. Budilium Hof

Hunting dog training


We think it is very important that the hunting instinct is maintained for our breed. This is why our dogs go through some extensive training. This makes sure that they keep a good physical condition, a good health and a balanced behaviour.


Dog shows

Our dogs are judged on dog shows by FCI recognized judges on exterior, temperament and movement.