Babet v. Budilium Hof

Daisy birth 6 april 2015 Health HD A ED normal Eyes: ECVO normal Optigen A by parents RD/OSD normal EIC carrier Pedigree Stamboom Babetje v Budiliumhof Photos Posts

CH White Chocolate v. Budilium Hof JCH

Polly Youth CH Nederland Dutch Champion Birth: 1 August 2010 Health HD-A1 ED-0 Eyes: ECVO free Photos Pedigree polly stamboom Posts
Tess 14 maanden oud

Blue Berry Rope v. Budilium Hof

Tess Birth 2 May 2013 Health HD A Norberg angle 40 botafwijking 0 ED 0-0 eyes: ECVO free Optigen A by parents Pedigree tess stamboom  Photos Berichten  
maggie op jachthondenshow

CH. Miss True Dream of Westbrook Castle NJK

Maggie Birth: 6 December 2010 Dutch Champion 15 June 2014 Dutch youth champion 27 May 2012 World Club Jugendsieger, 6 mei 2012, Anif Reinland Siegerin Health HD A ED 0 Eyes: ECVO free Optigen A by parents EIC free Pedigree maggie stamboom Photos Posts

Fransie v. Budilium Hof

Puck birth 27 april 2015 Health HD A ED free Pedigree Stamboom Puck Photos Berichten

Apple Butter v. Budilium Hof

Sissi birth 26 September 2015 Health Optigen A by parents   Pedigree Stamboom Apple Butter v Budilium Hof Photos  

Cotton Candy v. Budilium Hof

Lexy birth 1 March 2016 Health HD A Norbergwaarde 40 ED free Eyes: ECVO free black, carrying chocolate (EEBb) Pedigree   Photos Posts

Minny v. Budilium Hof

Helmi geboren op 31 mei 2013  
Dushi 11 mnd

Jollie Pop v. Budilium Hof

Dushi birth 4 januari 2014 Health Optigen A by parents Full dentation Pedigree Stamboom Dushi Pictures

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